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If you’re looking for a dictionary that employs American English in the translations then this is the dictionary for you.Extremely comprehensive and accurate, with a neat definition in English to clarify English terms in the English Not the first book you should buy when you’re starting out in Russian, but a useful reference tool if you’re serious.Everything on this list deserves your attention, but resources we’re particularly fond of, the kind we’d use ourselves, are additionally marked with a little star. Not written in a ‘hold your hand’ style that some require, but clear and comprehensive, covering all that is needed to prepare for the TORFL exams and most day-to-day situations.Native audio, interactive elements and assessments make it a perfect study and revision tool.There’s nothing like a word game with friends or family if you want to build and review your vocabulary.

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Unfortunately there aren’t many good Russian decks just yet, so you’re best off creating your own.

You can find many Russian grammar points discussed at least in some detail, as well as use it to check how a certain construction is used by searching it in Russian articles.

When learning Russian, every once in a while you think that there must be a spell checker made specifically for foreigners, helping you with those parts of the language that may seem common sense to many a native speaker, yet mind-blowingly illogical to everyone else.

The site also contains sections on the alphabet, pronunciation, and grammar tables.

An excellent Russian textbook—written in the second half of the 20th century, but later revised, and still up to date.

There are 20,000 entries which contain the conjugation of the verb as well as other forms such as the long and short form verbal adjectives. Online-only alternatives are available, but probably not as complete or accurate.