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The British body politic emptying itself from both ends at once. But no concern to get behind the shouting and try to understand, ‘what is it that you fear?Everyone offended by the actions of the others, seemingly pleased with the smell of their own…opinion. ’ Each side seemed keen to paint the other as variously racist, or stupid or right-wing. There were, it is quite true, noisome and emboldened racists and closet Xenophobes who were gleefully paraded and quoted by The Sun and The Guardian alike, though for opposite purposes.But she just can’t seem to imagine the ‘Leave’ voters could be so thoughtful. Common humanity is not the exclusive preserve of ‘Remain’ voters. Ms Penny should refrain from endlessly deciding what the range of choices are and what you must be like if you’re not like her.No ‘thoughtful’ is something she seems to want to reserve for ‘Remain’ people. ‘Leave’ are not to be accorded such thoughtfulness, because they live in places – and lets cut to the chase – they live in the North – I mean, don’t they! I don’t particularly like either Sadiq Khan or Boris Johnson.So our choices according to Ms Penny is a ‘Remain’ Britain filed with options and choices or a ‘Leave’ Britain, which is some pastiche of small town suburban and rural England where stupid working class people vote like turkeys for tea-on-the-lawn- white people.I think Ms Penny might need to get out of London a little more often and widely. She does eventually get round to something approximating an insight.The author seems above all to want to control how we see the debate.She wants to have her description of who ‘us’ and ‘them’ are, what ‘we’ and ‘they’ are like, what ‘they’ think, why ‘they’ think it, and upon what nasty grounds ‘they’ decided. This article is not simply a lament from one side of an argument. Just a little reminder of the Leavers and the country they are arranging for us – hate-filled, crabbed, cowed racist and xenophobic. Let those Leavers get in charge and this is what we’ll all get. To me they smell of Blaire and Cameron and the debt -fuelled fictions of the last thirty years of Thatcher and sons.

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