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You'll drop his name at the door but the bouncer will look at you with the type of disdain that's reserved for cockroaches.

Odds are he lives in his mom's efficiency and snags sweet deals at the Opa Locka Flea Market. THE PROMOTER He'll put you on a list, but you'll still have to wait more than an hour in a line with other poor unfortunate souls.

And he'll expect your panties to immediately drop, too. THE DOUCHE BRO Not to be confused with the private school grad, the Miami douche bro is usually found in his native habitat - the University of Miami campus or the Pike fraternity house at FIU. THE HIPSTER He probably lives in Wynwood or the Design District and spends a good chunk of his time at Wood Tavern and Gramps. THE SPORTS FANATIC The Heat, the Marlins, the Dolphins and his alma mater's football team. He'll drag you to every home game and expect you to rep just as hard. But sometimes you just want to go to brunch damn it. THE INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY He's obviously not from around here, but his cute accent and charisma will lure you in. THE MAMA'S BOY No decision will ever be made without momma's solid stamp of approval. He's in his fifth year at Miami-Dade and as long as someone washes his dirty undies and cooks him his arroz con pollo, he's set.

Mommy and daddy financed his education and possibly his start-up business. Interests include prescription pills, buying bottles at Liv, throwing up the U (whether he actually went to UM or not) and white girls (preferably the ones that are white girl wasted). He wears skinnier jeans than you do and doesn't even own a car. His nocturnal schedule is exhausting and the bags under your eyes prove it. He's not quick to provide many details about himself, what he does or where he lives, so you're preeeeetty sure he peddles large amounts of drugs or is involved in some other shady dealings. No girl will ever be good enough, so you might as well quit while you're ahead.

Police say it’s up to each individual to thoroughly check out the man or woman they’re interested in and to be careful, especially if they ask for money.

When it comes to men, Miami definitely has an interesting variety to choose from. Tinder is the best thing that ever happened to him.

You often question his sexuality because he does wax his chest once a month, but you've come to realize that some boys just want nice things.

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THE KEY RAT He's probably a lawyer or real estate agent or therapist or financial planner living in Key Biscayne. No bottle of cheap vodka and some mixers is worth this type of treatment. THE MINOR CELEBRITY He's a well-known local musician, muralist or chef.

It supposedly shattered his entire right leg.” Ford said he couldn’t access his bank accounts from the hospital. She didn’t know it, but Susan had fallen hard for what’s known as the “sweetheart scam.” Detective Brett Schroy, Coral Springs Police: “I think seniors are probably the most vulnerable.” Detective Brett Schroy says the scam is making the rounds in Coral Springs these days.