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È il “Corteo Storico”, promosso dall’Associazione Culturale L’associazione forense bitontina Centro Studi Sapere Aude organizza per oggi alle 18, nella Sala degli Specchi del Comune, l’incontro “Il patrimonio agroalimentare italiano: strumenti di tutela e difesa contro la contraffazione”. When such a move is made, it's common for the story to simply be retold in the new medium, often with radical changes in both plot and characterization, creating an Alternate Continuity.

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This is most frequently seen in shows that enjoy great success as OVAs; they jump to broadcast, and what was once effectively a miniseries becomes a story it takes an entire season to tell. The whole thing with the Kissenian Blossom, and Fiore, and your future child? The result is an Alternate Continuity — a story that is no less "official" than the original, but which cannot be reconciled with it with regards to backstory or canon. Sometimes this forms the basis of a Series Franchise.

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