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03-Mar-2020 16:37

Teams from NOAA, the National Park Service, the Coast Guard and state wildlife agencies were working to prevent any more whales from stranding.

The animals had not been cooperating Wednesday, when most were in about 3 feet of water.

Mase confirmed Thursday that sharks had begun to feed on the dead whales.

Necropsies were completed Thursday, and scientists will look for disease or other signs to indicate how whales got stuck in the shallow Everglades waters.

Because of the remote location, workers were unable to access the site before dark.

They arrived Wednesday morning and discovered 45 whales still alive.

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Pods of 35 pilot whales slowly swam Thursday into deeper water off Florida’s southwest coast, raising optimism that the strandings of whales on Everglades National Park beaches may soon end on a positive note.‘They are in deeper water, and they are getting closer to their normal home range,’ Mase said.