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Gradually introduce other foods and keep going back to the foods your child didn't like before. One day they'll hate something, but a month later they may love it.Keep offering a variety of foods – it may take lots of attempts before your child accepts some foods.Midwives and health visitors are not supposed to advocate the use of formula as it is seen as discouraging breastfeeding: the standard line trotted out to those of us who have struggled with producing milk is that there is definitely some in there and we are simply not trying hard enough.My own daughter did not have any food for the first 24 hours or so of her life because she couldn’t latch on.It's natural to worry whether your child is getting enough food if they refuse to eat sometimes.But it's perfectly normal for toddlers to refuse to eat or even taste new foods.One poster wrote: 'I think is great because there are so many teenage mothers like myself that won't breastfeed because of the way society has put it in their heads not too.'it is the best thing for them and it promotes that its the best way to keep your baby healthy, and its free, we can use that in this economy today.'Another fan of Bebe Gloton wrote enthusiastically: 'This isn’t gross.

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In excruciating pain, Sarah continued, weeping and feeding, weeping and feeding, until her mother insisted on giving Lola a bottle of formula. I was forcing her to breastfeed, and she clearly hated it. In Britain the official line on breastfeeding is that all new mothers should do it exclusively for the first six months: this is enforced so strictly that you are unable to claim loyalty points on formula milk – an honour it shares with cigarettes.If your child is active and gaining weight, and they seem well, then they're getting enough to eat.As long as your child eats some food from the 4 main food groups (fruit and vegetables; potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and other starchy carbohydrates; dairy or dairy alternatives; and beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and other proteins) you don't need to worry.In the course of researching this article, I spoke to scores of women who had experienced similar miseries as they tried to breastfeed.

Heather had been diagnosed with postnatal depression after her child refused to latch on: when she went online to discuss her problems a lactation consultant told her that if she wasn’t prepared to give her daughter the very best, then she shouldn’t have had a child in the first place.But Berjuan has been slammed by parents who complain the bizarre toy promotes the sexualisation of young girls.