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26-Nov-2019 08:10

First and foremost we want to clarify that there are a number of interconnected products related to Utherverse.

Strictly speaking, Utherverse is the social media network and software that facilitates access to a number of 3D virtual worlds including Red Light Center, Rude Virtual and Virtual Vancouver.

With the release of Viewer 2 Second Life is more flexible and accesible than ever. World of Warcraft – Multiplayer online role playing game created by Blizzard Entertainment in 2001.

Why is Second Life number one over World of Warcraft? One of the most popular online games and the highest paid subscriber base of over 11.5 million with the latest installment Wrath of the Lich King. There has been a crackdown on trying to make money with this game by selling gold, characters, items, etc. Sony Playstation Home – This MMORPG exclusively for Playstation 3 console owners boasts over 12 Million accounts.

If you’re still confused don’t worry; signing up for any of these products allows you full access to all of them.

As you might expect the social network and 3D worlds are designed as a playground for naughty adults that want to let loose in a safe and friendly environment.

Red Light Center is a Massively Multi-User Reality that is based on Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

The below is a list of the top virtual worlds on the internet. There is no better place to create, buy, and sell products.Combined with heavy advertising and the ability to know interact and move around online like a more traditional MMORPG should spell success. The game has grown to 600,000 users and million in annual revenue according to Chief Executive Officer Brian Shuster. Google Lively has closed its doors and as such must move to the bottom of the list.The most popular location is the Redlight Center (RLC) based on Amsterdam. Active Worlds – Virtual Reality 3D World created by Active Worlds in 1997. Meet Me – Opening in December this Japanese version will have excellent graphics. It will be based on Tokyo Japan and will be G rated with many rules such as no flying. Rune Scape – is the largest free MMORPG game in the world with well over 5 million players. It started as My World as Google Lively – Secret Google Second Life Killer being tested by students at Arizona State University.VIP members also have access to an exclusive sex function, and you will have the opportunity to have sex with other players’ avatars. Just about any fantasy or fetish you can think of is catered to in this area, and nothing is censored—everything is fully animated and realistically portrayed.

If you’re looking for a high quality adult game with a lot of customisation options, look no further—Red Light Center is the game for you.

You can buy Zaby apartments, which are fully customisable in terms of furniture and appearance, and can even be home to TVs that can stream video.

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