Adult texting hookups

26-Dec-2019 17:50

I ended up having to push him out the passenger door with my feet.Next day I called my friend and told him what happened, he wasn't surprised, said the guy had a reputation for being a bit unbalanced and liking it rough. About three months later saw him in the news for attempted murder.He seemed to suddenly be a bit desperate and that was a real turnoff so I said I had an early start.He got really mad and refused to leave the car without "getting something to show for the night".I'm not much of a bottom and definitely not in my car with no lube or condoms so I kept saying no.He was very determined, forcing his hands down my pants to finger my hole.OP, this is the DL,your post describes 2/3 of the people here.

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Someone with violent tendencies that you wanted to get away from ASAP?

Someone you regretted ever bringing back home or riding back in a car with? Don't bother feeling you have to explain yourself, R2/R6.

Post about your scary hook-up/one night stand experiences here. We talked for a few minutes on the bar patio and it was getting near closing time. R5 obviously is one of those sex-aversive moralists who couldn't get laid in a whorehouse. But R5 finds a gay man who is assaulted and seriously hurt "creepy."That makes two cunts.

I gave him the rest I had, and he told me that if I didn't want to get hurt, to stay in the booth for five minutes after he left.quote Ever picked up a guy or messed around with someone who ended up creeping you out later?


Someone you regretted ever bringing back home or riding back in a car with?

Upon opening the door, I realized he had muscular dystrophy and his legs were way undersized.