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31-Oct-2019 18:26

I figured that is where the nudity would probably happen so I sat near there. IIRC Cakewalk was a 2 character play about Lillian Hellman and her affair with a younger man.In the 1990s I saw it off-Broadway and it starred Linda Lavin and that cute actor from All My Children who played Tad.....was his name? so I'm always surprised by all the disdain it receives here.Up until then, she had been having a great time at the event as she was joined by her husband of a decade, musician Mark Wilkerson, and the couple's three young sons - Mason, seven, Brady, five, and Tucker, one.Too little, too late: The actress's Melissa & Joey co-star Taylor Spreitler pointed out the unfortunate mishap and attempted to assist her friend in rubbing the product off her forehead, though it wasn't till after she'd walked the carpet Not the best end to the evening: The 37-year-old's confident posture completely changed as she made a hasty exit with an even more prominent white mark on her head after trying to smear the product off Meanwhile, Melissa has appeared on several talk shows in recent weeks as she promotes her memoir, Melissa Explains It All - a take-off of her '90s Nickelodeon series Clarissa Explains It All - which hit shelves on October 29.It's a shame it wasn't cable instead of network tv when they rebooted Planet of the Apes for television, starring James Naughty.They could have gotten at least a nice tight ass shot of him, like they did Chuck the Buck Heston in the movie.Few years ago Logan Marshall Green was in an off broadway play that took place behind glass. And, by the way, for a man of any age, much less one in his mid-sixties, Jamie still looks amazing in the buff! Maybe not very legitimate but they are excellent exploiters of actors! I see there are warnings about nudity, but haven’t seen anything about who it is.

Will Pullen washed his cock and balls as a prelude to violently ass fucking Will Bellant in GRAY. Talbott's name is synonymous for gratuitous male nude scenes. I saw "Party" in LA in the 90s and that started my lifelong crush on Vince Gatton, who was the cutest thing in the world. David Anzuelo, who showed his erect cock in Intimacy, choreographed the rape.I've seen maybe four plays by him and they all involved extensive male nudity including adolescent gay sex, male rape, pissing onstage, erections. Not that it matters, but Maxwell Caulfield was naked with Jessica Tandy at the Public Theater on Lafayette Street. My favorite on-stage male nudity was Ralph Seymour in EQUUS. I went back to see Perkins one more time, but Seymour was gone and replaced by a wimpy blonde who did nothing for the role. Paul Rudnick's The Greatest Story Ever Told also had spectacular male nudity. ) Bobby Cannevale......can't remember who the other guy was.... And Jude Law with a FULL head of bleached platinum blonde hair, climbing nude out of a bathtub. One actor I always loved from 80's horror films Kevin (Blair) Spirtas was in two off broadway shows about 10 years ago where he was full frontal a lot.Curiously, I don't remember if his carpet matched his drapes. One of them was part of a festival and was in this very small theatre. Although, admittedly, he brings a level of complete believability to the many lowlife characters his career has brought his way, in day-to-day life he’s much more likable than you’d expect. Add the names Bradshaw, Rapp and Daniel Talbott in recent times for showing gratuitous cock.

Daniel Talbott NEVER misses an opportunity to write in or stage gratuitous male nudity. While we did get a peek at Caulfield's dick, he spent a full 20 minutes laying face down in the sand and one could perform a thorough examination of his gorgeous posterior from just about any seat in the house. The Country Club was written by Douglas Carter Beane, no stranger to male stage nudity. Cynthia Nixon and the great Roger Rees were also in that. I kind of assumed John Slattery was one of those silver foxes who aged into their good looks, but, nope, looks like he was always hot. I saw Indiscretions but have little memory of it, except yes, wonderful Roger Rees and Eileen Atkins. I remember a very jumpy dick naked Jude Law springing out of the tub, junk a-floppin'.Since he's getting older he wants us all to remember what he looked like 10 years ago. Or should I say is Andrew still with him, since Rannells is younger and more successful?