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My main beekeeper's page is called The Beekeepers' Home Pages which has a name that goes back to the early days of the internet.In the early 1990s, when I started to learn html coding, almost everybody's website was called a "Home Page" - so I thought that's what you have to name the product.Long before we came along, honey was always harvested in the comb.In the very old days, honey was cut out in chunks and eaten with the wax, brood, and bees; or, squeezed, pressed, or otherwise danced upon by the bare feet of village maidens until liquid honey was achieved.From honey and wax are given both of the noble gifts Jonathan Swift said bees provide to man - "Sweetness and Light". From a practical point of view, making honey in round plastic allows the bees to produce a more complete and more standard-weight comb.With the old-fashioned square comb, corners were typically unfinished and weights varied quite a bit between combs offered for sale.

They tended to be encased in wood and they were generally rectangular (and usually square, 11 cm on each side).

But please don't explode your smoker from the rantings and ravings I serve on these pages. Not even I believe everything I write or report on - and I'm pretty gullible.