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We must help them see that their value is not found in being “hot,” but in being a bearer of God’s image.

They will not be happy when they sin and when they buy in to pansexuality, but when they pursue the Lord.

Their bodies are not made to be offered up to the coarse lusts of anonymous men in beer-soaked halls, but for the gladness of God. Single men and women have a tremendous opportunity to show the world that our worth and identity is not found in sexual activity.

Men and women called to marriage–the majority of people–need to hear that we do not want young men and women to abandon their interest in sex. Instead, our assemblies need to give them a big vision of sex and the sexes—here’s one humble attempt at just such a God-centered vision.

Elsewhere we learn about the Puritan sexual ethic without any citation of actual Puritans (or Leland Ryken’s classic paradigm-overturning study).

There is much of this sort of thing—the other side comes in for scorching critique, but does not merit so much as a stray reference in the endnotes.

Fleeing Paganism for Christ What does flight look like today, thought? To the local church, an outpost of gospel grace in the pagan wilderness.

In a sexualized age, evangelicals need to create and champion localized purity cultures organized around a big vision of God.

The new sexualized marketplace is much like the old one—structured around strict male and female differentiation, with men leading women.To captives like we once were, the church of Jesus Christ must promote a higher ethic, a more beautiful ideal. The church’s modern message is just like the old one.Lisa Wade from Occidental College in California is presenting on her book: American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus.Join us at #TCCSoutheast Wed, Feb 7 @ for a presentation from Lisa Wade on her book: America Hookup.

Lisa will discuss what hookup culture means to college students, how it works and more.

(See, in particular, 29-30, 34, 43, 47, 69, 148-51, 170, 190, and 214-15.) Every Christian leader, educator, and university administrator should take stock of these corrosive trends.