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24-Oct-2019 21:02

They tell their wives or girlfriends that they would go on a hunting trip in the forest but in fact, they take the plane to Amsterdam to have some fun together.

They are drinking a lot and smoking a lot of weed as well.

One characters passionately sleeps with a prostitute and can't get enough, another one wants to have fun but doesn't manage to because he has to think about his wife and the last one only gives the prostitute some money to make his friends think he is cool enough to go with her but in fact he doesn't even think about betraying his wife.

The three friends are spying each other and their final decisions reveal a lot of what will happen next.

Each part convinces due to a solid acting and captivating story line with a few surprises towards the end.

This movie is almost to experimental to hit the cinemas but I'm glad it was released in the movie theatres of the province of Quebec.

Cinemas are conveniently located in the city center.

Tickets except for the weekend evening, are easily available.

This view is quite naive and closed-minded; one could even say slightly racist.

The tragic events have changed the lives of the two remaining friends and everybody in the small village for the worse.

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