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Whenever a guest comes to visit, you must be ready with a cup of hot coffee because lukewarm (or even worse, cold) coffee is considered rude.

Since Jordan was part of the Ottoman empire, it’s not surprising that Turkish Coffee is a popular choice here.

Basically, Za’atar is as staple as Peanut Butter is to American household.

Kanafeh is a Levantine dessert that is very popular in Arabic countries.

During my visit, we drove around a lot and made copious coffee stops.

I learned about how the way you offer coffee to your guest or the way your coffee is being served has plenty of hidden meaning in Bedouin culture.

It is made with white cheese, topped with crunchy pastry, then drenched in sweet syrup and what I originally thought was butter but turns out to be Ghee (goat butter) and topped with crushed up pistachio and cashew. My eyes nearly popped out of its sockets when I first bit into a fresh slice of Kanafeh – it was SO good! As the name might have indicated, you get to have a variety of food in one session. I had to write a separate post since there are just so much to say about it.

The dishes are small so you can eat for hours and taste everything. Coffee is an important part of the Middle Eastern culture.

The taste of Za’atar is a little tangy, savory and very flavorful, making it an excellent pair for bread with olive oil. I was told you can most definitely find a bag of Za’atar in every household in Jordan.Cardamom is also often added to coffee in the Middle East, which was interesting since I am used to Cardamom with tea, but adding it to coffee is a new concept for me. The dish gets its name from the way it is served: All ingredients are all first cooked in a large pot, then when it comes the time to serve, the pot is brought outside of the kitchen and turned upside down onto a large metal tray. What people eat for breakfast often also tells a lot about the culture of the place, so I am always looking forward to waking up and eating breakfast when I’m traveling to a new region.