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19-Dec-2019 03:41

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If you are a frequent visitor to i Books, check to see if any books are currently downloading and tap them to ensure that they continue downloading. Music and TV Shows have a "Recent Purchases" link at the top that can be used to check for any pending downloads.

You should also visit the i Tunes Store app on your i Pad to check for pending downloads. Again, simply tap the item to tell your i Pad to continue downloading it.

(Find out how to copy files to your PC.) If the app doesn't save information or if the information is saved to the cloud as with apps like Evernote, simply delete the app and redownload it from the App Store.

You may need to sign into the app again once it is downloaded. If going through the authentication process by downloading an app doesn't work, sometimes simply logging out and logging back in will do the trick.

You can sign out of your Apple ID by opening the i Pad's settings, choosing i Tunes & App Stores in the left-side menu and tapping where it displays your Apple ID.

This will bring up a popup menu that will allow you to sign out.

If tapping on the app didn't solve the problem, you can check to see if there is anything in line ahead of the app.

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It normally takes a router a few minutes to power on and get connected to the Internet again.Many of these apps save to the cloud, which means it is safe to delete, but if you have any doubts, you should skip this step.If nothing else has worked but you are worried about the documents you've created in the app, you can connect your i Pad to your PC and check i Tunes on your PC to see if the documents are available for copying to your home computer.But don't worry, if you do have this problem, these steps should fix it.

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We'll start out with the i Pad simply forgetting about the app. Sometimes, a download will stall out due to a poor connection or similar reason, so make sure you have a good connection to the Internet.The easiest way to solve this issue is to download a new app, which will force the i Pad to authenticate again.

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