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11-Oct-2019 09:45

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The incredible find has been hailed by Professor Vince Gaffney, from the University’s IBM Visual and Spatial Technology Centre, as one of the most significant yet for those researching the UK’s most important prehistoric structure.

The new henge was uncovered this week, just two weeks into a three-year international study that forms part of the multi-million Euro international Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project.

Evidence for a second stone circle was found close to the River Avon, linked to Stonehenge itself by the Stonehenge Avenue.

The circle is just under 10m in diameter and was surrounded by a henge – a ditch with an external bank – with an entrance to the east.

The centres of Stoneholes A-F are spaced at an average distance of 1.12m from each other.

“It will completely change the way we think about the landscape around Stonehenge.“People have tended to think that as Stonehenge reached its peak it was the paramount monument, existing in splendid isolation.“This discovery is completely new and extremely important in how we understand Stonehenge and its landscape.”The new “henge-like” Late Neolithic monument is believed to be contemporaneous to Stonehenge and appears to be on the same orientation as the World Heritage Site monument.

Inside the ditch it is also possible to discern the slight shadows of 24 postholes encircling the the central area, 25 metres in diameter.

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