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Dom's cock bobbed in my mouth, getting harder. In a moment, Dom's free hand joined mine - he peeled her ass cheek back, and a line of cum began to leak from her abused pussy. I whispered: "Do like mommy does, sweetheart." "Well, you tell them that, sweetheart.Say: I want you to fuck my ass." I was amazed at how easily Dom's huge cock slipped into Denise. " "Mmm-hmm." "An all-too-common occurrence amongst the whores in your family." "Mmmm-hmmm." I felt the dog's nose press against my pussy, then my hot cunt lips began to part under his tongue.Another of Jeremy's friends - in the study, my middle daughter was putting on some sort of slit-licking show with a young lady I had not yet been introduced to, much to the delight of the boys. The bathroom was apparently occupied, so someone had announced that the kitchen floor was now the place to piss. A week ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table reading a trashy romance novel and waiting for my eldest daughter to get home from her date when my cellphone rang. I glanced at the kitchen clock: calling a half hour before she's supposed to be home. I clicked open the phone, careful not to knock over my cup of coffee. oh, fuck, Mommy can I ..." My clit started to tingle, and I ran a hand down my stomach to nestle it in my quickly-warming cunt. Mike, put something in her mouth." I eased my fingers across my pussy, feeling my lips getting wet at the sound of his voice, sliding hot membranes between my knuckles. She insisted that we call about staying out late." Sparing a glance at the door to the television room and finding it empty, I spread my legs and let my bathrobe fall open. I started slapping at my clip, rubbing three fingers across my overheating pussy. Look, I told your whore daughter that this was really her dad's decision and all, but I guess she wanted to ask you first." "..A dripping dick was wiped dry in my hair, then slipped into my mouth. I answered in a whisper, trying not to wake my husband or my middle daughter, who were napping in the television room. I began to flick at my hungry cunt, suddenly thankful that I hadn't worn panties tonight. Does my daughter want to stay out a little late tonight? She said that she had to call if she wanted to stay and get fucked some more." "Yes, Jeremy. " I heard a shift again, and I tucked my phone under my ear so that I could use both hands on my throbbing hole. Very understandable, Jeremy." "Do you think you ought to go get your husband, Susanne?

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You can see the predicament we're in." I started slapping my clit harder.As I popped the head of his cock into my mouth, tasting this musky odor, and began rolling his balls in my hand, I ran my other hand across his muscular side and glanced up: my daughter's snatch yawned at me, her panties nowhere to be seen. Yes, this is Jessica's father." A wicked thrill ran through me as, on my knees before the couch, I slid my hand across my daughter's ass. His fingers probed deeper, and I could feel the swell of his cock-head pressing against my throat as I flicked my tongue back and forth across the underside of his dick. " I felt tiny, timid fingers brushing against my leg, moving upward: searching for pussy. Releasing my husband's cock with a wet pop, I guided the tip of his throbbing shaft to her still-leaking hole and then pulled at her hand.