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22-Oct-2019 01:04

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After creating a profile for free, you can start things off by checking out their “Flirt” section.

Here you can flirt with a member and maybe they will feel the same way about you.

Disabled People Date is a dating site for disabled singles who want to date, find new friends with similar problems or even find the love of their life.

It is also owned by the Dating Factory, which boasts 12 million profiles worldwide.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to a lot in the way of features specifically aimed at deaf people…

Although their video chat features are useful for those who want to communicate via sign language. Disabled Mate is designed for disabled singles in the UK who are looking for love…

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Video profiles and free text fields allow for full expression which means you’ll have more chance of finding someone you get on with.Are you or a friend of yours disabled and looking for singles with similar characteristics to date with them?Or are you just looking for some new friends to share your experiences?With a Gold and VIP membership you can view media galleries, gain access to advanced search facilities, chat online via webcam, have the possibility to use the text chat, send, read and reply to an unlimited number of emails and comment on member’s diary.

Although the design of the homepage seems to be still in the late 90s, once you are inside the design is more modern.But with dating sites for disabled singles like Disability Match, meeting people is a whole new game!

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