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03-Mar-2020 01:13

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In the 1950s, two French doctors discovered the first anti-psychotic drug, Chlorpromazine, which revolutionised the treatment of severe mental illness and allowed people to be treated in the community.

In the last 40 years doctors have learned to transplant hearts and make babies in tubes, but there has been surprisingly little progress in drug therapies during that time, says Dr Peet.

The article described how researchers at the University of Sheffield believe the key to treating schizophrenia may be found in fish oil.

Anne put her son, who was already taking the schizophrenia drugs Zyprexa and Lithium, on high doses of fish oil. "He has been homebound for years," she told fellow Internet surfers.

He is convinced that the man's recovery is no fluke.

The patient's illness had never been episodic and his symptoms had been constant for two years.

Dr Peet is pleased with the results so far but emphasises that the work is at an early stage.ONE day last year Anne logged on to the Internet and as usual went straight to the schizophrenia forum.

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