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According to Renata, the Brit was using a tourist visa, but intended to apply for a work permit.

The rapper's intention, according to his girlfriend, was to stay in the country.

The rapper speaks little Portuguese, is Albino, measures about six feet, and sports dyed blue hair.

A video of his girlfriend colouring his hair was shared on Facebook in a bid to help identify and find the missing traveller.

All his personal belongings are still in the flat shared with his university student girlfriend.'We're really worried about where Kenny is.

He doesn't speak Portuguese, he's left his computer with me and all his clothes and shoes.

With a strong resemblance to homemade music videos paired with heavy, distorted Speed Metal/Industrial soundtracks (provided by bands such as the legendary Ministry) we’re only really given a small’dose of the free fetish chat room girls’firing off’round after round, rolling around in the’dirt, or fighting with bad guys in one typical warzone set-up or another’but, they’re naked!

Those off-site links are handy, but don’t get your hopes up for bonus content; these cost extra.

From there, the investigation was taken up by Rio's missing person's department (DDPA).