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17-Nov-2019 02:57

While the table is being searched from beginning to end, we will try to keep the user informed about the search progress through the use of a progress bar.This progress bar will start at 0% and go to 100%, which means that the entire table has been searched.On the other hand, if the record doesn't match the criteria, I simply move on the next record (without adding the Company Name to the list box).Prior to moving on to the next record (in both cases), I increment the value of progress bar by 1.

However, if you don't have it on your machine, you can use any other database.The code will require a little modification all over. Despite of this, if you find the updating clumsy, either remain stuck to the original code or do let me know about it (and we will work around it).As I already said, I have used Microsoft Office's default database, Fpnwind.mdb, for this example (340 KB).A progress bar is used to inform the user about (lengthy) processing.

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It shows the user the status of processing/computations, and depicts that the application has not gone into a "not responding" state.Some of the brilliant, seasoned SQL programmers might argue that I wasted my time searching through the entire table when I could have specified .

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