Carbon dating fossils kids

10-Oct-2019 22:48

Dinosaur fossils have been known to mankind since at least the Middle Ages, when Europeans and Asians alike believed they were the bones of dragons.However, no one realized these creatures actually lived millions of years ago until the very recent past.The name "dinosauria," a combination of Greeks words for .Carbon dating measures the decomposition of carbon-14, an isotope of the extremely common element carbon, within biological remains.

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Or perhaps they have already found the fossil and are analyzing it in the lab, determining what clues about an ancient creature's behavior still remain embedded in it.Unlike other isotopes of carbon, carbon-14 is always undergoing a natural form of decay.The rate of this decay is constant under all circumstances, so the radioactivity of carbon-14 can be measured to provide a time frame in which a formerly living thing was alive and well.Those who don’t accept the Biblical account of history look for other ways to discover the age of things.

One of these methods is based on a substance found in our bodies, plants and all living things—it’s called carbon. This makes the plant appear to have died many more years ago than it actually did (for example, the plant might appear to be, say, 3,000 years old, rather than 2,000).C in the atmosphere haven’t been constant throughout history (for instance, Noah’s Flood lowered the total amount of available carbon by burying lots of animals and plants).

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