Casual dating to serious relationship

26-Dec-2019 07:54

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Todd and Rachel had been dating for about four months. They got along really well, had similar interests and goals, shared beliefs and values and simply had a lot of fun together. But this verse reminds us that simplicity is so important when it comes to our communication with others—including others of the opposite sex. If we applied this rule to dating, the “maybe” of casual dating would vanish within the certainty of yes or no.

But all of a sudden one day, Rachel seemed to back off—just like that. On the road from acquaintances to friends, from friends to more than friends, “casual” might be a stopping point along the way.

It does not weigh pros and cons or wander back and forth. It’s time to let go of casual and step into something new.

Once you have entered this stage of a relationship, your expectations are naturally heightened. Time should always eliminate “maybes,” and if it hasn’t, then the “maybe” is actually a no.