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Obviously, most racist harassment is directed at minorities. However, there is no reason to permit harassment of members of the ‘majority’ group.In reality it is often weaker or more vulnerable individuals in the so-called ‘dominant’ group – blatantly non-privileged individuals, who are the victims.Post a link to it everywhere you know – not just Ki A but every obscure little political forum, blog, news site – wherever – with a little blurb of your own. Commenting on the pull request that added the ‘reverse-isms’ language (archive here), users asked Palamountain to change it.She said, If Ms Palamountain bothered to ‘do some research’ she would find that the ‘privilege’ of no group in the western world extends to a legal right to harass people.Any company which says it is ok to harass some people can potentially be sued by all of those people regardless of whether they have actually been affected by the policy.In the UK, s26 of the Equality Act 2010 would apply.This image is derived from a photo released under CC-BY 2.0 by her fiancé Michael Holman (who goes by Martin Holman also). Archive linked to show the license granted when I downloaded it – here .

Protection from discrimination includes protection from a ‘hostile working environment’, which again applies in the UK and US.

Worse for Ms Palamountain, UK law allows individual Defendants.

Every single claimant could sue any individual responsible for discrimination.

Furthermore, not only employees but customers (including online customers and convention attendees) would be entitled to sue (see, for example, s29 Equality Act 2010).

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Furthermore their customers could be sued if they required any employee to work on the openly racist project.

Refusing to process an equalities complaint is also ‘Victimisation’ as defined under s27 Equality Act 2010.