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After RBD's breakup, Chávez launched his career as a solo recording artist.

His first studio album Almas Transparentes, peaked at number 56 on the Mexican pop charts.

It's a blessing because thanks to the people that trust in us, now we can express our music in another language — that's great." Unfortunately, following the end of the series in 2006 after three seasons, the band called it quits in 2009. Fiery redhead Dulce Maria (Roberta) also launched a successful solo career and released three albums on her own since the end of dropped.

Your New Netflix Obsession 'Cable Girls' Just Got Renewed for a Third Season!

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Cine Movie sat down with Trevino and Von Uckermann to talk about all things love and they have some great advice.

"RBD returns with a new season and the surprise is they will be the same protagonists," Mexican media company Televisas Espectáculos tweeted last month.

apart from that, i was on untill 3AM last night, Great job XFIRE ] I'm not sure if its in the loot script? on another note: Chris i think you were right about the script typo, i have altered it and the loot is more stable..still no RHS drops though...… continue reading »

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