City by updating profile email

12-Oct-2019 04:15

Continue with the Travel Preferences by adding the Traveler’s “Frequent Traveler Programs.” Select the “Add a Program” link and fill in the required information.Note: Confirm that the name on the Frequent Traveler Program matches the name of the Traveler exactly, to prevent potential rejections during the booking process. This includes the Traveler’s “Gender,” “Date of Birth,” “DHS Redress No.,” and “TSA Pre-check” number if available.I followed this part of the tutorial on Adding Profile Data to the User Class which is working fine.I even setup a way to retrieve the information when The user click's on the manage page.

Required fields must be updated with correct information.

Any help is appreciated and again I'm not sure where to go from here in updating the user. When it comes to MVC if you have a view which display's data and allows the user the modify it and send it back to the database then your controller would consist of a GET method and a POST method as shown here You're using entity framework, so you will need to use an entity framework update statement as shown here (plus many more examples) article that that you have linked in your recent post shows an older version of EF and I'm using 6.