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It possably was just a technique used by the writers too show Lelouch's current interactions with Suzaku and how they feel towards each other but that is just speculation.Akito The Exiled After Suzaku brings Lelouch to Charles, he offers to hand him over on the condition he be inducted into the Knights of the Round, much to Lelouch's dismay.And there is also a pic that Julius Kingsley is really in fact Lelouch enter link description here Julius is actually Lelouch.In the 3rd OVA, his memories has been rewritten and brainwashed.Code Geass is a mod for Hearts of Iron being developed by Domini (AKA: Spiderligh on Steam.) The mod will have two possible start dates: First Pacific War Was the war that happened between Britannia and the Empire of Japan, thus the Empire of Japan turned into a Democracy.(Aka: Japan), the three Major POwers of this time are the Europia United, Chinese Confederation and the Holy Britannian Empire.

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With this, Lelouch becomes the empire's slave, Julius Kingsley, wearing an eyepatch over his Geass.As Lelouch is a great tactician, I came to the conclusion that Julius Kingsley has to be Lelouch. In episode 3 of the OVA series it's revealed that Julius Kingsley is infact a brainwashed Lelouch.the brainwashing however is somewhat unstable as when Julius is seen on the train cluching his eye this is a sign that the brainwashing hasn't fully worked and "Lelouch" is trying to come back.Later on, he plays chess along Hyuga, but starts hallucinating Kingsley and past memories from Rebellion.

Later on Hyuga figures out that he was both Zero and Lelouch and calls his squad.he reappears briefly later on showing also that his Geass has yet to be sealed as it is at the start of R2 It is widely believed that Julius is in fact Lelouch.