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The names of the fallen appear on the War Memorial in St Marys Church Yard. Kelvedon found it self on the front lines occasionally such as when V1 or Doodlebug bombs fell on Hole Farm.The First World War saw the villages of Kelvedon and Feering send a total of 376 men and women to the war, most of them came home. Kelvedon Parish Council was involved in helping those local families that were effected arranging billets and emergency relief and helping the military to do their duty.The Parish Council raised the money to buy a horse drawn manual Fire engine, and to build a Fire station (now the Parish Council Office ). Spurgeon the non conformist preacher was born at the Wheatsheaf Inn Kelvedon, on 19 June 1834.Kelvedon was also a place of education during this period with various private schools along the High street a church school in Church Street, and a board school which is now the Library and the Feering and Kelvedon Local History Museum. Spurgeon remains highly influential among Christians of various denominations, among whom he is known as the “Prince of Preachers”.In the Nineteenth and for much of the Twentieth century’s the High street contained a wealth of shops, Pubs and workshops supplying the local area.As the area prospered so community activities begin to appear with the building of the Congregational Church (now the United Reform Church).The twenty first century sees the Council purchase the land and build the High Street Car Park.

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The seed industry is still with us in the form of Kings Seeds at Monks Farm but major growing and research had moved away by the 1990’s.

It must have been a sight in the High Street when drovers brought their flocks through, including Norfolk Turkeys for the London Christmas market.