Conditional formatting not updating 2016

22-Oct-2019 14:03

To accomplish this task, you will need to create three additional columns of data and plot those three columns of data – and not the original column of sales data – in a stacked column chart.

The revised data should resemble that shown in Figure 2.

In cell D3 (and the remainder of the cells in the range extending through cell D15), the formula below was used to identify the minimum sales value in the range and to populate that value into the appropriate cell in Column D.

=IF(B3=MIN(B: B), B3,0) The formula populates all other cells in Column D with zero.

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You have been charged with the responsibility of creating a chart containing this data and also having the top-performing salesperson’s data as well as the bottom-performing salesperson’s data formatted differently than the rest of the data on the chart.

Notice, however, that the zero values are effectively hidden from the chart because they are, in fact, zero values; thus, the chart gives the impression of applying conditional formatting to maximum and minimum values in column B.

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