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24-Jan-2020 07:02

But my divorce didn’t have anything to do with what was going on then–it had everything to do with all the stuff that had been building up for years.

When the kids are young, there’s just no time to talk about everything that’s going on. It’s still there, and if you don’t address it, it eventually destroys your marriage.”“I think it’s important that you’re doing this now.

It’s pretty extreme, and this couple had already tried all sorts of other avenues to get back on track. For this woman (who speaks her mind openly and freely almost all the time, as far as I can tell), it was right for her.

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I’ve found that when I complain about something to others, it takes just enough of the steam out of equation s.

By extensive use of spices I do not mean that spices are used to make the food fiery hot.