Council tax benefit backdating rules

22-Oct-2019 16:54

One way is being informed directly by members of the public.

The more information and detail you give us, the more likely it is that we will be able to investigate.

To claim Housing Benefit you need to fill in an application form.

We have an online form or alternatively you can:-Please note that by a partner we mean a person you are married to or a person you live with as if you are married to them, or a civil partner or a person you live with as if you are civil partners.

You may be able to get Housing Benefit if you are a student: If you want to claim Housing Benefit fill in a Student form with your new claim form.

You can apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Rebate if you or your partner are self-employed.

Persons from abroad can be eligible to make a claim for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support.

In order to get benefit you must prove that you have leave to remain in the country and also satisfy the ‘habitual residency test’ along with other conditions.

Some typical examples of this are when somebody: We detect fraud using a variety of means.Your details will be kept confidential and you do not need to tell us your name, unless you want to.The person you are reporting will not be told about your involvement and you would not be needed as a witness, if the case went to court.​ ​​Please see our Benefits advice page for advice, guidance and assistance with the full range of welfare benefits.

You can also use our benefits calculator to find out how much Housing Benefit Council Tax Support you may claim.

Housing Benefit helps pay all or part of your rent if you are on a low income.