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If this is the manager in this facility she has no manners and she is highly rude as such to be a manager at a facility like Little Caesars on Mt. Little Caesars no longer has their hot and ready pepperoni to go when you arrive. I saw a mouse run across the floor by the food area. They had a very bad attitude towards the customers. The employee Rosa ** was to open at am, Rosa saw the customer, I was on my way to Subway with my adult son, I told Subway cashier and manager because the customer was really cold next door, the Subway manager says Little Caesars corporate office tells Little Caesars franchises not to open doors until two customers are standing there?

Both times I’ve bought it from two different locations it has had as much or even less than their Hot and Ready. The pizza has been fine, but can we please get the pricing correct at all franchises? The Little Caesar on West 10th street I went for my pizza. I witnessed a customer standing in the cold 7 degrees outside of store in Ohio.

This time I call at I go there about maybe about 45 minutes later and I still did not get my food until about 7 and it was not light sauce.When the commercial comes on in the segment the dad leans down. Upon getting home and opening the box, we discovered a disgusting TOOTH on top of our pizza.