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Click here for WCCO-TV news stories Send us your breaking news tips here Contact WCCO-TV anchors and reporters Check out Good Question Send us your weather and news photos Get information on […]Rape kits are tools used to solve some of the most disturbing crimes in Minnesota, but thousands go untested, sometimes for years.Now, there’s an effort to test those kits and figure out what can be uncovered through the process.A warning or presentiment of danger The Company was losing money, and seeing the handwriting on the wall, she started to look for another job.This expression comes from the Bible (Daniel 5:5-31), in which the prophet interprets some mysterious writing that a disembodied hand has inscribed on the palace wall, telling King Belshazzar that he will be overthrown b) Use any five of the following idioms in your own sentences to illustrate their meaning: 1- To sow one's wild oats Behave foolishly, immoderately or promiscuously when young Brad has spent the last couple of years sowing his wild oats, but now he seems ready to settle down.This expression is a translation of the French cela va sans dire.

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Nicholas Udall used this term in Ralph Roister Doister (c.

The precise origin of this metaphor, which presumably eludes either to tasting every pie or being involved in their concoction, has been lost.

[Late 1500s] b) Use any five of the following idioms in your own sentences to illustrate their meaning: 1- When all is said and done / After all is said and done In the end, nevertheless When all's said and done, the doctors did what they could for Gordon, but he was too ill to survive. 2- An axe to grind A selfish aim or motive The article criticized the new software, but the author had an axe to grind, as its manufacturer had fired his son.

" 5- To keep open house To entertain friends at all times, to be hospitable 6- To put out of countenance 7- Got up to kill 8- To have a finger in the pie Have an interest in or meddle in something When they nominated me for the board, I'm sure Bill had a finger in the pie.

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Another form of this idiom is have a finger in every pie to have an interest in or be involved in everything She does a great deal for the town; she has a finger in every pie.

This term originally was and still is applied to unfair conduct in a sport or game and was being used figuratively by the late 1500s.