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10-Dec-2019 14:21

Word of the couple's deaths came with a phone call from an RCMP detective who'd been at the scene in Springhill, N. The officer told Jessica Ridley that her 45-year-old sister was the victim of "blunt force trauma to the head" and that Poulin, 42, had taken his own life after a fire was set in the small white house they were renovating.

The couple, who had been together for about 15 months, had moved east to renovate a home and begin a new life together.

Still, both Woodward and Zachary Semenec also has strong recollections of Poulin on the telephone — sometimes multiple times a week — expressing frustrations as he attempted to get help from Veterans Affairs for his illnesses.

Both of Semenec's children recall he attended therapy sessions with their mother.

He said Poulin joined a support group and "had brief interactions with a social worker" after he became a veteran.

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Gia Allemand, who was also a contestant on Lex's season of the show, committed suicide in 2013 by hanging.In the past year-and-a-half, there have been four murders of family members and intimate partners by veterans in Nova Scotia — about one sixth of the total in the province.Last January, Lionel Desmond, a veteran who also had PTSD, killed his wife, 10-year-old daughter and his mother in northeastern Nova Scotia, with the deaths resulting in the ordering of a rare public inquiry.A note Poulin wrote afterwards describes his desire to turn around his life and to care for his family members.

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It is critical of the Veterans Affairs programs, with Poulin saying he'd recover despite alleged shortcomings in PTSD care."[I] am just happy that I am not just going to be another soldier that falls through the cracks of the [expletive] support system they have for vets," says the excerpt.

A photo taken three years ago of Alia Woodward (left), with her mother Jennifer Lynne Semenec. (HO-Jessica Ridley/Canadian Press)Jennifer Lynne Semenec died far from her home in North Bay, Ont., at the hands of a veteran with PTSD who had said he wouldn't be "another soldier who falls through the cracks" of treatment.