Dating another lawyer at the firm

30-Dec-2019 20:21

While chemistry in a couple is very important, chemistry alone, without an understanding of and commitment to one’s own values, will likely be insufficient to sustain a lasting relationship.A healthy loving relationship requires considerable effort, attention to the other person, and flexibility.A failed relationship is not only a break between two people; it may also be or cause a break within the individuals.To truly come to grips with the reasons for the failure will likely take considerable time.Having exchanged numbers we have been messaging non-stop over the last week.He has now invited me to London to spend time with him and meet some of his colleagues. There are plenty of other people to meet in the City outside the firm who you could potentially go out with.I might be overthinking this, but my concern is if (and that’s a big if) we start dating seriously could this jeopardise my chances of getting a place at the firm? For example, what’s to stop him bad-mouthing me to other lawyers at the firm. In my experience it is best to try and keep your work and personal lives separate, rather than risk them becoming muddled by overlapping. I mean as long as grad recruitment don’t find out – but that also depends on the size of the firm etc.

Carefully determining what is valued in an intimate relationship and consciously seeking those qualities in a new partner will likely add to a more successful relationship than merely accepting the qualities of the first attractive person that comes along.

The first is how quickly to begin seeing other people.