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As with the PPK, it incorporates a loaded-chamber indicator, which may be seen or felt.It is larger in diameter than that of the PPK and, hence, easier to see or feel.Fortunately, today most 9x18mm ammunition encountered is non-corrosive.Drawbacks Since the magazine only holds six rounds, the grip of the P-64 is rather short.I’ve learned from many years of using PPKs that the easiest method is to pull the front of the triggerguard down and then press it slightly to the left under the frame using the trigger finger while pulling the slide to the rear and off.There has been corrosive 9x18mm ammunition sold in the U. so with any ammunition about which you are unsure, a good cleaning with hot water and GI bore cleaner is advised.

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Designated the P-64, the pistol was produced at the Lucznik Arms Factory in Radom and entered service in 1965 as the 9mm pistolet wz. It is a double-action (DA) blowback design with a hammer-drop safety.As part of the “spoils of war” at the end of World War II, the Soviets took virtually all of the tooling from the Walther factory at Zella-Mehlis back to the Soviet Union, though some appears to have been used in East Germany for a time.