Dating chinese porcelain marks

24-Dec-2019 17:38

The seal script reign marks are translated in exactly the same way as in the ‘kai-shu’ script.The Kangxi reign mark in seal script reads; As Qing dynasty emperor succeeded emperor styles of marks varied and some of these variants deserve attention.‘Zhuan’ archaic seal script marks do appear on some pieces of Kangxi porcelain but only become common in the succeeding reign of Yongzheng (1723-1735).

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The mark below should be read as follows: This translates as “made in the reign of Kangxi (reign title of the second Qing emperor) in the Great Qing dynasty”.The archaic seal mark really came to prominence on an even greater range of ceramic wares in the Qianlong period (1736-1795), largely ousting the regular script.Ceramic production at the Imperial kiln was enormous in the eighteenth century, it has been suggested that the painting of reign marks was entrusted to a very few calligraphers.In the first division written in ‘kai-shu’ (regular or modern script), the mark consists of six characters written in two columns of three characters.

It is read from right to left and in descending order.

The second broad division of reign marks is written in ‘Zhuan’ (archaic seal script).

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