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13-Sep-2019 09:51

This process results from the brain being trained to diminish the effectiveness of the feared stimulus to generate emotional responses.

In other words, the brain’s wiring is being modified by a controlled form of learning.

I am very lucky in that I recovered fully from any relapses and pseydo-relapses I have experienced to date and these have been fairly infrequent and have not interfered too much with my day to day stuff but I do accept that this can change.

One common treatment for fear of heights involves a process known as “desensitization.” This behavioral approach involves a therapist systematically exposing a person to varying degrees of heights under controlled conditions in which fear and anxiety are dampened by relaxation or other techniques.Neuroplasticity refers to the processes by which the brain modifies its function in response to changes in internal and external environments.It underlies the incredible flexibility that nerve cells have for forming and eliminating connections with each other and for altering the strengths of their existing connections.This exposure may involve actual heights - such as looking out from windows on higher and higher floors of a building - or may involve virtual scenarios, i.e., using computer programs to simulate frightening situations.

Repeated exposure to increasingly fearful situations may eventually allow a person to become less bothered by the feared stimuli.

Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

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