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Complete the "Bleed Out" Mission Roman is awake 24 hours a day. Will eat any where at first but later in the game only at high end restaurants.

Car Service: Once Roman like stat of 75% call him and he will send you a free cab ride to any where you want to go. Burger Shot is his favorite place to eat at anytime. Doing activities with Roman doesn't count toward 100% completion.

Don't attempt or even think about stealing his gun car. His nightspot preference is Club Liberty in Northwood, Algonquin.

Doing Little Jacob's drug delivery also boasts his like stat (if you successfully do them).

Guns: Once Little Jacob like stat is up to 75% you can call him and he will setup a meeting with you where he will sell Niko weapons at a significantly cheaper price than the LCGC.

However, don't be an hour or more late otherwise he will leave and Niko won't be able to use the ability for another day.

Don't call him before he is awake because he will lose respect and like for Niko.

You aren't able to jack the helicopter from Brucie. Avoid fast food restaurants and try as high end as possible. Brucie has two activities that no other friend has in boating and helicopter ride.

They are generally the same idea in that you drive the boat (or helicopter) to the location that Brucie says (it's the yellow dot) watch the cut-scene and head back.

Doing activities with Dwayne doesn't count toward 100% completion. Don't call him before he is awake because he will lose respect and like for Niko.

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Bomb: Once Packie's like stat is above 75% call him and he will have a bomb waiting for you at a set location (usually in an alley as to avoid detection). After Gerry Mc Reary is sent to the Alderney State Correctional Facility, Packie has the bad habit of being there when you go to get him for an activity.Killed By the story: Roman, Dwayne and Jim To Killed By the story from mission Mr. There are 7 Friends to inside the LCPD Database Record to inside the [email protected] Internet Cafe.

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