Dating is he serious

30-Sep-2019 14:12

My friend Michelle has been falling for a guy named Mike, and she wants a relationship, but he doesn’t want to commit to her.

It started off casual and while they have fun sleepovers and have even gone away on a weekend together, it’s still technically casual.

Be aware that those highs you get when he sporadically gives you attention or does something that shows interest only keep you addicted to the bursts of dopamine.

Yes he looked at your IG story, yes he liked your last FB post, yes he planned a romantic date, yes he texted you the sweetest message.

He’s the one she thinks about when she wakes up, he’s the one she invests her energy into doing thoughtful things for. Meanwhile, any other nice guy that comes along her way, while she may entertain going on dates with (because she wants to technically play her part in this casual dating dynamic), none of these guys really stand a chance, because her heart already belongs to Mike. There are definitely stories of two people dating casually for months on end and then one day it becomes serious, but this is more of the exception than the norm.

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If a committed relationship is what you want, then you’re going to have to make a sacrifice.

There’s an opportunity cost of having this person dominate your headspace – potential partners who may be right for you.

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