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However, the remainder of the law is adaptable, changing with: the Center for Legal Rulings, to form the basis for new laws that will address innovations in technology and custom.

The Prophet (s) did not demand that a particular rule be imposed on new innovations, but allowed the people to develop a law as needed, based on the precedent established in his lifetime and by Islamic scholars in succeeding generations.

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He is tied to the law, which as the ruler is his duty to enforce. In the Shari¿ah there are laws that are immutable or nearly so, similar to the constitutional basis of Western democracy and the US Bill of Rights.

), and the rulings of political and religious leaders.

The Holy Qur’ān is the highest standard by which man can order his life.

In the end however, a judge accepted by both sides must make a final arbitration and choose between the two parties based on the validity of their claims.

The executive aspect of governance is also conducted through consultation.

Muslims therefore rely on the authority of their leaders to guide them in upholding the principles of law laid out in the Qur’ān and the traditions.

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