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24-Nov-2019 10:50

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“It’s healthy to date multiple people if you aren’t ready for commitment and aren’t sure of what you are looking for, as long as you are honest with the people you are dating,” Levine says.

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As an aside, in this day and age, dating two (or more) people at once is not considered duplicitous or “two-timing.” Until you have The Exclusivity Talk, you’re free to gad about, dating whomever in whatever quantity you desire.And if someone asks you point-blank if you’re dating anyone else and you say no, that’s just straight-up cheating.But as long as you’re still figuring things out and are truthful with everyone who asks, you should be good to go.“She hasn’t committed herself fully to one person, so she has invested less of herself,” Levine says of the woman who dates around.

This results in less anxiety than when you go all in with someone.My best friend has been single for the past six months, after being in a relationship for five years.

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