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Based off @Minecraft Party77's Slender Rising project. UPDATE LOG BELOW v0.1 Includes:-Major Shrekyness-8 Onions-All Star -Shrek Mouth-That weird Game Ogre screen.-Space to use Flashlight v0.1 DIScludes-Shrekless - It's endless, with more Shrekness.-Info - I don't even know why I put that there.-Shrek Run - Coming soon in v.1.3 v0.2 Includes-Text Fixes-Bug Fixes-Info Screen-Starting to Fix Up Trees v0.3 Includes-Better quality! Tailor Tales is an otome game with elements of fashion design.Every beta version means you will not be able to carry over your save file.Current version: beta 1.4 Current runtime: ± 5 hours (100k words) Rating: ages 16 .if your Mac doesn't allow this, then you cannot play Tailor Tales.Windows users: Unzip the file, and click on to play.It is a visual novel, with routes for guys to romance.These routes are divided into chapters, each chapter costing money to proceed.

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Lots of clothing items are planned in the future so some things are still missing.

Rating: 2/10Bomot Eark - Sep 18th, 2017 @ Comment: ÐÑдÑÑей маÑеÑи ÑÑÑеÑÑвенно понимаÑÑ, ÑÑо пÑедпоÑÑение меÑÑо Ð´Ð»Ñ Ñодов необÑодимо наÑинаÑÑ Ñ Ð·Ð°Ð´Ð°Ñи о плановой мойке.

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If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. You got lost in the woods searching for the legendary Ogre named Shrek. v0.3.1 Includes-Small Bug Fixes-Text Fixes -v0.3.1 2 Includes-A few secret easter eggs...

You got lost, and now your only hope is to collect the 8 lost onions. Or will you be thrown into Shrek's Punishment Barrel. -v0.3.2 Includes-Slight bug fixed-New thumbnail-Few sprite updates -v0.3.3 Includes (Bug Fix Update)-The bug where the onions do not disappear has been fixed!