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19-Oct-2019 13:09

Broken into two parts, 105 men were first read a hypothetical scenario involving a woman who either outperformed or underperformed them in a Maths or English course and then made to imagine them as a romantic partner.The men ranked a woman who outscored them as a more desirable partner, with the study stating that “men formed favourable impressions and showed greater interest in women who displayed more (versus less) intelligence than themselves.” However, the second part of the study – when men were asked if they would date such a woman in real life – showed that the men got cold feet.This fear often results in mature people being cast aside, put into homes and simply forgotten.Gervais argues that we do not talk about becoming old often enough, and in this lies the arrogance of humanity.Sure, that's often labelled as ' Daddy issues' from the ignorant and ageist but that stems from prejudice, and naivety and that’s certainly a culture that they're missing out on.The youth of today don't necessarily understand the challenges that queer people have had to face throughout history and it’s an important part of our cultural heritage which is being lost.

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Put simply, to be ageist or to hold prejudices against mature men is a waste of time.

Often, mature gay men are left to fend for themselves with the majority of queer groups and government funded organisations focusing on queer youth, and young gay men.

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