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One of the largest ISPs, Arna (DUCAT), accused Kazakh Telecom of breaching the Law for Promoting Competition and Limiting Monopolist Activities.Arna claimed that Kazakh Telecom used uncertified systems that monitor and interfere with the telecommunications of customers who are using services offered by competing companies.The long-term development strategy of Kazakhstan for 2030 demonstrates the government’s strong commitment to create a modern national information infrastructure.The government has announced plans to develop e-government as a part of a 2005–2007 program.By 2007, Kazakhstan reported Internet penetration levels of 8.5 percent, rising to 12.4 percent in 2008.In 2010, Internet penetration level reached 34.3 percent.The Internet in Kazakhstan (cc TLD: .kz) is growing rapidly.

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Russian is the most popular language used on the Internet (94.1 percent), followed by Kazakh (4.5 percent), and English (1.4 percent), a figure which may account for the high percentage of Kazakh Web sites hosted in Russia (including those on the country-code domain name “.kz”).

A 2005 SC decision made it illegal for key national security bodies to connect to the Internet (namely, the Ministries of Emergency Situations, Internal Affairs, and Defense, and the National Security Committee).

However, despite this prohibition, ONI field researchers found evidence that state officials access forbidden Web sites using dial-up accounts and anonymizer applications.

The Security Council (SC), a body chaired by the president, is responsible for drafting decisions and providing assistance to the head of state on issues of defense and national security.

The SC also prepares a list of Web sites every six months that should be blocked or forbidden from distribution.

Since 2008, government officials have been encouraged to create their own personal blogs.

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