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14-Nov-2019 06:04

There are still savings to be had with two lines, but once you approach a family of four, the Verizon plan is a better option and includes more features.

Verizon offers a wider selection of great phones, and the Verizon Edge plan is worth considering for many users.

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Gone are the days of giving up a good phone if you want to use a pre-paid service like Straight Talk. You could buy it outright today for 9, so you pay 0 for the ability to spread the payments out. When I ran into problems with Straight Talk I ended up speaking to someone in a call center who I had trouble understanding, who couldn’t help with an issue outside o the basic script and kept asking me about Tracfone instead of Straight Talk.

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If you want the Straight Talk i Phone 7, you can buy it direct with monthly payments or you can bring your own. Customer Service is a huge part of your experience with a carrier and it is an area where Verizon is hands down the winner in this comparison. fit=720,516&ssl=1" class="wp-image-282739 size-large" src="https://i0com/ resize=720,516" alt="Verizon customer support is better than Straight Talk." width="720" height="516" srcset="https://i0com/ The Verizon vs Straight Talk comparison is about much more than just price and coverage, but it is a good place to start.

Here is a listing of some of the phones you can get on both carriers. fit=720,477&ssl=1" class="wp-image-282736 size-large" src="https://i1com/ resize=720,477" alt="There are good phones on both carriers, but Verizon gets new phones faster." width="720" height="477" srcset="https://i2com/ Verizon customer support is better than Straight Talk. For single users, Straight Talk offers an affordable option without a contract or a payment plan for the phone with the same Verizon coverage in many cases.

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