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05-Nov-2019 07:09

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she is addicted to his manipulative, sociopathic traits.she's in her last year of college and I've watch what was a smart, beautiful young lady's self esteem get chipped away.we're here when she needs a shoulder to cry on (the latest episode she didn't even admit to the loseer that she came home to vent) but still not ready to break away.he's dropping hints that he doesn't want her to do certain adventures and blaming her lack of self esteem (which HE eroded) to be the reason - this is because HE can do no wrong and waiting for HER to break up with him (but she's still addicted).She has been dating a marine off and on and my husband and I really feel he is using her for benefits and because he spends all his money and we provide meals and he will stay over from time to time. He tells her things like he still wants to marry her,etc.

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Now I'm just waiting for her to get sick of his excuses (why he doesn't get a job, why he doesn't move out, etc) but it's hard to look at this guy who I have so little respect for.

It would be easier if she didn't live at home and bring the loser over every week.