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19, 2012 - A drug commonly prescribed to help patients sleep in hospitals has been associated with an increased risk of falls, according to a study published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine.

The Food and Drug Administration warns, too, you may even have unplanned sex after taking zolpidem (see box below). Sex and Romance for Senior Citizens Older Women with Diabetes More Likely to Experience Sexual Dissatisfaction Diabetes recognized risk for erectile dysfunction in men, but almost no data to indicate whether it affects sexual function in women July 25, 2012 - Women with diabetes age 40 to 80 in this study - are just as likely to be interested in sex and engage in, sexual activity as non-diabetic women, but they are much more likely to report low overall sexual satisfaction, according to a UCSF study. Consensual Sex Denied in Nursing Homes Due to Dementia, Old Age Researchers say sex is good for health and well-being; formal policies needed June 28, 2012 - Older people, including those with early stage dementia, often continue to enjoy a sexual relationship in their own homes, but once they move into residential care, lawful and consensual sexual expression is frequently frowned upon, report specialists from the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care in the Journal of Medical Ethics. Nutrition, Vitamins & Supplements for Seniors Does Coffee Deserve Credit for Boom in Senior Citizen Population? Research from the National Cancer Institute and AARP says the senior citizens that drink coffee - caffeinated or decaffeinated - have a lower risk of death.

The women surveyed had an average age of 60 and were married or in long-term relationships. Features for Senior Citizens Marriage Reduces Risk of Heart Attack in Both Men and Women and of All Ages Cohabiting associated with better prognosis after coronary events before and after hospitalization Jan.

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Read this and you will know that a better way may be to have more sex. In an exclusive interview with AARP The Magazine (ATM), Mirren gives a provocative look into the mind and life of one of Hollywoods most versatile and daring performers. These men with low testosterone experienced improved sexual function and even saw slight improvement in their ability to walk and their sense of vitality. She is referring to the relationship with her new found love, an 81 year old widower.According to a statement, the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy for older men with declining levels of the hormone need to be fully evaluated. Sex and Romance for Senior Citizens Many Older Men Maybe too Many Start Testosterone Therapy Without Clear Medical Need Study finds increased testing among men with normal hormone levels and notes worry about potential risks associated with testosterone use Jan.9, 2014 - Testosterone use has sharply increased among older men in the past decade and many appear to have normal testosterone levels and do not meet the clinical guidelines for treatment.At least it appears to be true for male fruit flies. Sex and Romance for Senior Citizens Sexual Regrets Have Not Changed for Men or Women Overtime, Study Finds Large study examines potential evolutionary role of 'sexual regret' in human survival and reproduction Nov.

25, 2113 It has been awhile since many senior citizens had to worry about their sexual regrets.July 9, 2014 The largest study to examine the link between vasectomy and prostate cancer has found that men who had this birth control procedure have a small increase in their risk of prostate cancer but a stronger risk for advanced or lethal cases of this cancer. Health & Medicine for Senior Citizens Male Infertility Right Up There with Smoking, Diabetes as Death Risk Stanford study finds two abnormalities in semen equals doubled mortality risk in 8 years May 16, 2014 Most of us are aware that smoking and diabetes double our risk of death.

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