Diablo 3 stuck at updating tools 100

20-Nov-2019 20:45

Nothing in this list had even the slightest impact on the issue I have...So I'm starting to get quite desperate now and I don't know where this come from..Some examples: - Diablo 3 : 20-30 fps idle, below 15fps in action- Overwatch: 15-25 fps idle, 5-15 fps in action- Warframe: same as overwatch- league of legend: 50-90fps idle, 10-20 fps in action- Heroes of the storm : same as overwatch To put a bit more context, here are the specs of my setup when everything started: Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming M5 (MS-7977)CPU: Intel i5 6500RAM : Kingstone DDR4-2400 (2x8Go)Video Card: Zotac GTX 660Ti Hard Drive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GBPSU: Corsair 850WOS: Windows 10 Pro I'm not sure 100% when it started, but I have the impression it was when I updated my GC drivers and Gforce experience..after those update, all my games started to lag (and i even have troubles browsing sites with lot of images/videos like facebook or streaming sites, it's incredibly slow and laggy).1 week before the lag started, I ordered a new GC.In fact, I went to the shop and when I came back it was still at that same point so I killed it and restarted it.A cute crash dialog greeted me asking me to describe what I was doing to make it die.

Of course this wouldn’t be as much fun if we didn’t try to run it in wine first.As usual with Diablo items are dropped left and right but so far we haven’t seen any items that needed identification.Blue (magical) items are identified from the start. After helping out the blacksmith you are able to (for a fee) craft blue items.Back in Windows (7) the installer did pretty much the same as under wine.

First the dialog with the tools, then the setup files, and then the graphical installer.One interesting thing that caught my attention was the menu bar in the downloader.