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Tales of a very happily married couple living, loving and growing in a loving FLM in suburbia.A very lucky submissive husband that was collared on his 15th wedding anniversary.It's a fantasy site that has all kinds of Femdom stories, but I mostly like it because there is always a sexy drawing accompanying the story. has done this to me on only 2 occasions in the past. do what you are told and behave yourselves soyou can minimize the chances of this ever happening to you. if you ever want to really emphasize the punishment part of a punishment spanking. I'm pretty sure that these two things are a primary reason that I have had spankings on my mind the last few days.This story happened to be about what I believe to be the absolute worst kind of punishment spanking there. If you are a submissive man, and have ever been required to an orgasm immediately preceding a harsh punishment spanking, you know what I am talking about. I can tell you I high degree of certainty that is never something I want to have happen to me again. Oh, that and the fact that Mistress owes me 2 punishment spankings.That being said, we love hearing your thoughts, opinions, praise and critiques. I hope you enjoy what you see and read and I would love to have your comments, questions and suggestions. Over the past few days, I've had punishment spankings on my mind.Not fantasies (well not all fantasies), not questioning it use or importance in my life with Mistress K.

It’s also been reported that AUTHORS CANNOT LEAVE REVIEWS FOR OTHER AUTHORS. It’s why we fell in love with the written word in the first place. So what can you as an AUTHOR or BLOGGER or READER do to fix this systematic deletion of your reviews? I also achieved my best rank, #5 on Amazon’s Top 100.And I did something ballsy stupid/smart – I emailed Jeff Bezos directly and asked him why Create Space novels were not eligible for entry into the Amazon sanctioned “Vine Review” program.Due to their response and some awesome first communications with Create Space peeps, Anyway, over the years, SOCIAL MEDIA RELATIONSHIPS went on to launch countless author careers and we rely HEAVILY on those relationships to continue building our reader audience. We have built NETWORKS for other authors to find their foothold.The chair next to me was empty (Mistress K.'s seat I presume) but the rest of the table was full.

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Oh, and I was naked and wearing a ball harness that is basically a Velcro secured piece of rubber that wraps around the base of my balls and separates them from the rest of my body.Let’s just push that thought way off the table because it doesn’t apply here. Here is their “Customer Review Creation Guidelines” Oddly, in their Guidelines it does it state you cannot be friends with the author.

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