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With additional probing, about a third of such reports are longer than 300 words.

Some investigators have been surprised by repeated findings that suggest dreams may be less fantastic or bizarre than generally supposed.

Apparently dreams are quite egocentric, with the dreamer perceiving himself as a participant, though the presence of others is typically recalled.

Seldom does the person remember an empty, unpopulated dreamworld, and individuals seem to dream roughly two-thirds of the time about people they know.

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In spite of the unique qualities of each person’s dreams, there have been substantial efforts to describe the general characteristics of what people say they have dreamed.Estimates by individuals of the length of their dreams can vary widely (and by inference, the actual length of the dreams varies widely as well).Spontaneously described dreams among laboratory subjects typically result in short reports; although some may exceed 1,000 words in length, about 90 percent of these reports are fewer than 150 words long.Furthermore, observational methods and purposes clearly affect conclusions to be drawn about the inferred dreams.

Reports of dreams collected from people after morning awakenings at home tend to exhibit more content of an overt sexual and emotional nature than do those from laboratory subjects.

Usually these people are close acquaintances, with family members mentioned in about 20 percent of dream reports.

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